Shame on you for shaming those who wear masks for reasons you cannot discern. I totally agree that I feel sorry for health (appearing) young people outdoors with a mask on. But certain patient populations should probably have worn masks for flu before covid. The old, the frail and those unfortunate enough to live where vaccination has been politicized and thus avoided are examples. These subgroups probably should wear a good mask at Costco or a crowded setting indoors.

Take a deep breath. . Not everyone who is careful is irrational.

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I am an elderly, immunocompromised solid organ transplant recipient. I wear my mask religiously and I am often ridiculed for wearing it, sometimes quite aggressively. As I have not had Covid yet, I frankly don’t care what other people think about it. But let me emphasize, I HAVE NOT HAD COVID YET!

We have all seen videos of people losing their s**t, sometimes violently, when they encounter other people masking. While the post is specifically not addressed to my age/medical status group, it does nothing to mitigate the harassment I and others receive for simply masking (quite the contrary!).

Incidentally, I would challenge the claim that Covid-19 is no worse than the flu, at least historically— I won’t make that claim for the current Omicron variant. From Johns Hopkins Medicine:

“At present, [mortality, rate from COVID-19] is thought to be substantially higher (possibly 10 times or more) than that of most strains of the flu.” https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-disease-2019-vs-the-flu July 29, 2022

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How do you know the young person you see wearing a mask you presume to be healthy is immunocompromised or a caretaker for someone who is?

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I would also like to acknowledge the irrational fear and anxiety driving many American's to conclude that nearly every 'unexpected' death post-Jan 2021 can be attributed to the covid 19 vaccines. This widespread panic is burning our of control despite 1) not knowing the vaccine status of nearly all of them 2) including in the purported 'vaccine deaths' people who have killed themselves, overdosed on opiates, or were in car accidents, and 3) relying on 'data' from hucksters like Peter McCullough.

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Per the statement, "When I see a healthy 20 year old wearing an n95 mask outside, I feel pity for them. They are the victim of irrational messaging, virtual signaling, tribalism, and possibly also fear and anxiety. We should encourage them to live normally, and relax." I am curious what you recommend if an 18 year-old gets covid, quarantines for 5 days, and then needs to travel by airplane back home. Does this warrant having the 18 year-old wear and N95 (school policy states N95 - NOT KN95 for travel). Specifically the 18-year old has no temperature or symptoms any longer and it is day 7 (starting with day (0) the day they tested positive. Thank you in advance

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Bad news for you Dr. Prasad, be prepared to be sentenced for the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Here from the TOP military lawyer:


or also at:


This is valid for ALL MD's even remotely suggesting to take anyone gene therapy without informed consent!!! Since now MD's in CA are FORCED to be CRIMINALS, I guess the best would be to change the profession....

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Overall, this is a great article. However, the second sentence of your fifth paragraph is completely wrong: “Among those who haven’t (gotten the Covid19 mRNA injections) infection rates are sky high.” Bullshit! It seems you’re always somehow promoting these experimental gene therapy injections. Please explain why. And, PLEASE stop calling them vaccines...they aren’t.

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Oct 2, 2022·edited Oct 2, 2022

I believe your posts evidence a mind that has chosen to stop being a scientist and is primarily pushing a political agenda.

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What idiotic nonsense. Baseless and dangerous to loads of vulnerable people. Lazy ass people who won't wear a mask. Crybabies.

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What an IDIOTIC article. Baseless nonsense.

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This is not evidence-based, nuanced, or compassionate. It comes off LOUD, virality-seeking, and self righteous.

You are politicizing and shaming people for choices like masks and CO2 monitors. Masks have absolutely been shown to help reduce spread of disease, and before people like the author capitulated so thoroughly, they helped protect vulnerable members of society - of which there are many if we consider age the most important risk factor for severe outcomes with Covid. The initial inoculum of coronavirus, quantitatively speaking, has been show to affect both likelihood of transmission and severity of disease/viral load that builds before the imune system can mount a counter attack. Monitoring ventilation is a good way to figure out if you're in a shitty situation, building, or transportation mode. I played with one in my car, and found that with the AC running on recirculate the ppm rocketed up to 3000. So maybe sharing time in cars like Uber with the windows shut, or with your friend's kid carpooling home from basketball while they are coughing and sneezing, are near-certain transmission events if someone is infected. Not to mention the soporific effect of CO2 while driving, which is surely a cause of many car accidents, as cortical effects can be seen with CO2 levels rising even to 700's.

As a family doc I see long Covid and Covid sequelae in many of my patients - so don't disregard brain fog, cognitive disability, depression and anxiety, chronic shortness of breath, intractable cough... even lung transplants, saddle emboli, dementia, and subacute stroke/heart attacks in 40-60 year olds - all of which I have seen just in my own practice these past 2 years.

If the point of this article was to pander to a certain mindset that wants to move on, and heap scorn on those of us still choosing to protect ourselves and others from the real, cumulative burden of Covid, then well done. I've subscribed so I can keep an ear on this mindset as articulated by the author in this disturbing post. It's a lot easier to build an audience being strident and outraged, and taking up the white flag of clinical surrender, then carrying a new banner of collective fiction that everything is back to normal - than it is to simply state the obvious - that this pandemic is better, right now, but clearly it is not over as it kills, disables, and mutates faster because of your disregard.

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Just one SERIOUS question: Dr. Prasad, would you still be a UC Prof. if you DIDN'T SAY that sentence:

"As of Sept 2022, everyone in America has had plenty of opportunity to be vaccinated if they wish.

Among those who haven't, rates of COVID-19 are sky high. Most have had and recovered from the

virus, making their risk from reinfection low. Even those who've been vaccinated suffered

breakthrough at astonishing rates."??

What would have happened if you actually has the guts to say the truth, which is: covid injections ARE LETHAL, and they always be!!! Reprogramming of the human bodies via synthetic genetic material will lead among many other issues to cancers, something you clearly are profiting from...

Apart form this nasty comment I also have something good to say: THANK YOU for describing your environment of INSANE co-workers, like that 'remote' Prof. Peet with his hellaciously unsafe working conditions! Also hearing this story about the CO2 monitors is so ridiculous, that all what I can say is: the brain damage has been done. Few minutes without O2 is enough to kill, and so oversaturation with CO2, and YET people keep on going until their end, with masking their own image!!! I'd like to know one thing, do they all have IPhones in their pockets??

Btw. there is a HUGE lawsuit against MD's committing plain and flat murder in hospitals, here the details of it:


Dr. Ardis Files Lawsuit For MASS EXTERMINATION: DEADLY Remdesivir Drug Aims To MURDER MILLIONS!

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Can I leave a comment here? Man, yes I can! Thank you. Now can read the post;)

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I agree 100% with VP! I"m glad he broke out of the 2020/2021 polite tone and has been very direct. By the same token...will he and/or any of the other MDs contributing on Sensible Medicine stop side stepping the topic of vaccine injury and/or vaccine adverse events (aside from myocarditis)....time to discuss, get into the weeds, stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Discuss the "why" could this be happening (along with approval of the booster w/no evidence)...what do they think of Dr. Toby Roger's opinions on the process...and the why....is he even 50% correct? Time to ignore the elephant! https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/a-mostly-subconscious-genocide?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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Thank you for this! Now that we have reformulated boosters coming out and the healthcare system is losing it over getting these into arms, I feel deja vu coming on....

I am over 50, had my primary series and am in excellent health with no risk factors for severe disease. I think it is likely I have had COVID but didn't recognize it at this point. Do I really need a bivalent booster? Is it likely to change my outcome or risk for severe disease?

I spend half of my day answering employee's questions about why they need to get COVID vaccine, why Novavax is different and why we are still wearing masks in the healthcare setting. It is getting REALLY, REALLY OLD....if only we could find a way to move on...

Please keep sharing these well-reasoned, intelligent posts - I keep hoping many others are reading them, Vinay!

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