For some reason I thought I was the only one who saved drawings from patients.

I’m glad I’m not. Thank you for sharing your experience.

PS Next month I will be having some Fellows shadow me as part of their intro to long term care. I’ll be sharing this with them.

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Feb 22, 2023Liked by Adam Cifu, MD

Thank you for this essay. I am fascinated by everything about it. I want to know more about catatonia. I think I understand why benzodiazepines are administered if the catatonia is related to intense fear but still I want to know more. I remember when my mother was given a drawing task by a neurologist when they were determining that yes, her mind was very confused and slipping into some sort of a dementia and I was fascinated by how she saw things.

I love that you keep the images.

I have many journals from my mother and one of them is when she was still trying to write during her dementia and confusion and constant nausea. Very painful to read but I will always keep it. 

Thank you for your words and your work.

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