Our accrediting agency, DNV, was responsible for keeping us masked until mid May. Our admin had absolutely no will to go against them, regardless of every other facility in the state of Missouri dropping them. We looked like fools and patients and visitors were highly annoyed. One thing the pandemic showed me was who was willing to stand on principle. It was not many.

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I’m a Democrat who despises masks, and I know plenty of other Democrats who’ve moved on from pandemic protocols. Not my family members in Boston and NY, tho! I can feel the disapproval.

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"perhaps is motivated in response to Donald Trump’s reluctance to wear a mask himself" - Perhaps? When Pelosi made an issue of it, it became political. Sad how politics was misused. She used the point to mock Trump's wanting to show his face but it then had an impact on all of us.

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As a germaphobe, I half expected trump to embrace the mask, then predictably the left would have mocked him, saying “of course. MAGAs want to wear masks”!

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Unfortunately, I had to spend much of April and May in the best cancer centers in Cleveland, I can say that on the floors with the sickest of the sick, the people with weeks to months to live, very few bothered to mask even though the official mandate wasn't going to expire until April 20th. Maybe 50% of staff and 10% of patients. I was never asked to wear one except when they put a PICC line in my wife (I just stepped out in the hall).

After April 20th, staff dropped to 10% at best. Patients went to zero. Again, these are the most immunocompromised people in healthcare and even they didn't want to bother with this nonsense.

Alarming to me is that all the residents kept the masks on. The older surgeons and oncologists weren't wearing them. We are doomed.

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I’m no fan of ANY politics in medicine. The globalists have misshaped all politics into a world I hope I never have to return to; sometimes I thank God I’m on the other side of life (and never thought I’d feel that way!)

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Have you ruled out masks working in certain settings or are you simply suggesting that such practices lack evidence?

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Jul 15, 2023·edited Jul 15, 2023

Surgical masks are more intended to ensure patients are not exposed to the doctor. Studies show the masking make little difference in the OR. Depends on the surgery perhaps. When they did my wrist under local anesthesia nobody was wearing a mask (pre-Covid).

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Well those are some really gratifying truth bombs but... how are you getting away with it in CA? Isn’t someone threatening to put you in time out by now? You’re not allowed to do studies like this. Or are you just that good at riding the line? Good on ya but I’m perplexed, and don’t want to see you get cancelled.

I was thinking how it would really pain me to vote Democrat again if RFK Jr was on the ticket with a D. But I don’t have to worry about that because, to go deeper into the truth, it’s not so much about Republican/ Democrat anymore but Globalist agenda vs Patriots. I know that sounds super Alex Jones, but that’s the root connection. A slight distinction because some Republicans are Globalist and not every single Democrat is Globalist. Usually, they stop being Democrat once they figure it out (the party’s real agenda which is Agenda 2030), people like Tulsi Gabbard. But yeah, if you really want to get into the political connection, look into the nightmare that is Agenda 2030/ The Great Reset/ Klaus Swab, Yuval Harari. They’re never going to let RFK Jr run as the Democrat nominee because he’s even more opposed and in the know than Trump about the Reset.

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I wrote this a while ago contemplating the religious-like fanaticism revealed by covid:

Substitute Covid with "sin"

Substitute scientific inquiry with "heresy"

Substitute "the unvaccinated" with "pagans"

Substitute C-19 vaccine with "baptism"

Substitute vaccine boosters with "holy communion"

Substitute mask with "crucifix necklace"

Substitute C-19 test with "confession"; penance (5 days in house arrest) is reserved for the sinful

Substitute hand sanitizers with "blessing by holy water"

Substitute treating unvaccinated as second-class citizens with "burning heretics at the stake"

Substitute AF with "the Pope"; Substitute "attacks on me are attacks on science" by "I speak ex cathedra so am infallible"

Yes, we've reverted to the middle ages.

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Many places (Johns Hopkins affiliated hospitals and doctor’s offices, for example) dropped the mask requirement when the PH emergency ended on 5/12. I wonder if a good analysis would be COVID rates in the community vs just doing it on a certain day.

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