Dr. Prasad, I would like to record a hologram of you. Please contact Institute for IDEAS at American University for details. You are my hero.

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Dr. Prasad, the link to your article doesn't work.

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It seems bizarre to me as layman that Pfizer doesn't seem to know how much spike protein their vaccine induces the body to produce, and where and for how long, as pointed out by David Wiseman in these comments (top of page 4 of 19)


The exchange he references, between VRBAC member Jay Portnoy and two Pfizer experts, is here:


A traditional vaccine produced in a factory would have a precise quality-controlled amount of antigen, no? Shouldn't a vaccine using children's bodies as the antigen factory also result in a precise amount of antigen within a limited time? Weren't we originally told the antigen production would only occur in the lymph nodes soon after the injection?

How can VRBPAC listen without heads exploding when Pfizer expert says this question is "academic" and "obviously we don't have a complete understanding of the nature of the way that the vaccine works in terms of producing an immune response"?

Even more when Dr. Portnoy asks "Have you ever measured the amount of protein that is produced as a result of the mRNA and how many cells are producing it and how persistent that production is for a given gram of mRNA." Pfizer just says "academic," "interesting question," then 2d Pfizer expert just says "large."

Makes me wonder why FDA didn't demand that Pfizer and Moderna produce the antigen in their factories like Novavax.

Dr. Vinay, is the inability of Pfizer to answer Dr. Portnoy's question a problem?

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Hi Vinay,

You continue to make this (or a similar) assertion: “The COVID-19 vaccine has been a miraculous, life-saving advance, offering staggering efficacy in adults,...” Can you please show me the evidence upon which this conviction is based? IMHO, you would need a firm grasp on the risk and benefits of this drug to have this view, especially across the broad demographics for which it has been mandated. What is your evidence of this based on RCT? If your evidence is the FDA trials, please help your readers to understand how you resolved the following challenges:

1) The trials do not offer LONG TERM evidence of safety, nor efficacy, because a) we don’t have LONG TERM data, and b) the Pfizer trial participants were unblinded, on average after about 3 months.

2) There is strong evidence of mismanagement and even fraud during the trials as provided by whistleblower(s) employed by Pfizer trials’ subcontractors.

3) There is strong evidence of fraud as shown by trials participants like Maddie de Garay who suffered serious adverse events that were not correctly documented as such and not investigated promptly as such.

4) The Pfizer trials did not classify participants as “vaccinated” until 14 days after the second shot. This methodology of delayed classification excludes from the “vaccinated group” what may be a significant immunosuppressive period (the time between 1st jab and 14 days after 2nd jab) and all the accompanying adverse events from that group. This potential major transfer of adverse events via a classification methodology was continually carried out (in several studies I have reviewed) comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated adverse events like hospitalization and death.

5) The FDA and Pfizer worked together (is “conspired” too pejorative? Probably not...) to ask the judicial system to slow the release of the trials data to a tiny drip over 75 years. Who doesn’t want to immediately release data that puts them in a good light? Nobody, that’s who.

6) Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies are convicted criminal organizations who are known to cheat to make money. Dr. Marcia Angell (former editor of NEJM) doesn’t pull any punches when she says, "Over the past two decades the pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession itself." And, “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor ofThe New England Journal of Medicine.” These quotes are over five years old, and she left her position as Editor-in-Chief of NEJM in 2000. Dr. Angell is now a faculty member of Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics. Big Pharma has only consolidated further the hold on the corrupted entities that are supposed to regulate them since she offered her observations.

7) The Pfizer trials showed higher all-cause mortality in the vaccinated group than the placebo group.

8) The significant increase in vaccine adverse events reported in VAERS (and the equivalent systems in the UK, Germany, and the US DoD) should not be casually dismissed as unimportant due to the voluntary nature of the reports. It is a felony to commit a fraudulent claim to VAERS. The authorities should be doing a thorough investigation on the explosion in adverse events reported, and press charges against fraudulent event reporting, if in fact it exists. This is a government mandated early warning system that includes defined protocols that are supposed to be followed to potentially trigger stopping conditions. Why have the government/public health officials and anti-anti-vaxxers maligned and abandoned the government’s only population wide, early-warning, defense mechanism when it comes to vaccines?

9) The 95% efficacy claim was a relative (not absolute) risk reduction number on a tiny percentage of test population, using dubious classification methodology, with evidence of fraud and mismanagement, with a technology (MRNA) that Merck couldn’t get to elicit any efficacy, over a very short time period. Even after all these biases Pfizer couldn’t show an improvement in all-cause mortality.

10) There are about $100 billion reasons why Big Pharma would conspire to do all these things.

It seems to me that the people at Big Pharma who run the FDA trials are very good at bending the data to their needs. They apparently got an antibody response in trials participants (to the original, Delta variant) that was optimized during the first few months. But, unfortunately, the jabs elicited some adverse events that clustered between the first jab and 14 days after the second jab, and then again after about 3-5 months (i.e., after they ended the trials because, you know, the “speed of science.”) They then came up with a narrative to match the data (this is done regularly to market investment products) and the FDA vacated their role as public fiduciary (and rubber stamped the whole process).

I have been searching but can’t find any significant evidence the jabs have improved broad population outcomes since implementation. Some of the more jabbed countries are seeing significant jumps in excess mortality. The rates of death per population from covid are extremely high in highly jabbed places like UK and USA when compared to ROW. The jabs haven’t slowed the spread of Covid in previous lockdown countries like Australia and NZ. Of course, there are many confounding factors here, but I’m struggling to find any evidence that these experimental injections have improved outcomes since introduction.

So, Vinay, please help me to better understand your conviction in the miraculous and life saving nature of the MRNA experimental injections?

As a paid subscriber, I am extremely grateful for your time and expertise!


Alex Cook

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Valid questions that Dr Prasad never replies to any comments.

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I really hope that Dr. Prasad will take the time to answer your questions--all your points need to be addressed.

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Great work! Does it seem like lots of people you know suddenly have cancer? Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from cancer with fenbendazole. Safe, cheap, available and effective. Read the detailed case reports at https://fenbendazole.substack.com

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All the more reason to avoid social media as a source of health information and news. The platforms were never meant to convey that kind of stuff; they were personal when launched, to be filled with our family photos and latest family fish stories, not politics. But onus for ad revenue intruded, and what better way to draw eyeballs to your outlet than with the controversies of the day—and sharing buttons that link to magazines and TV networks that carry them. Given the decentralized nature of social media, the self-appointed information police quickly followed, sometimes motivated by desire to protect people from bad advice and sometimes by desire to control the narrative.

I won’t comment on the risk-benefit calculations for Covid vaccines in young people except to say the outcomes compared—Covid complications and serious adverse reactions to the vaccines—are rare, making the calculations difficult. Neither the policies of other countries such as Sweden nor the rationales behind them have ever been explicated clearly in US media articles debating this topic. We just argue about it, and there is way too much partisanship. Fortunately, I’m old enough that the decision to get the shots was easy.

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Great thinking on the how the science should have worked. Not so good on the why. It was never about following the science, it was about enriching Pfizer and Moderna et al. In a way you are so brilliant but you miss it when evil motive are in action.

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The paper that you wrote has already been removed? Apparently the fine line was crossed?

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Looking at the few studies that actually measured mRNA-injection efficacy fairly, combined with the updated ORIGINAL IFR of COVID by Ioanidis and the extreme number of reported side-effects (even if you discount half of them, they still solidly outweigh ALL previously reported side-effects of ALL vaccines combined), I am astounded that you dare to claim "MRNA vaccines for COVID-19 represent one of the greatest societal successes of the last quarter century". These shots literally kill about 1 in 5000 people (0.02%) according to the German health institute and cause many more, often permanent, disabilities. The IFR of the original Wuhan variant, which was the most "lethal", has now been updated to be around 0.03% for anyone under 50 and 0.07 for the under 70s. The next one was already 5 times less lethal and came way before the first shots were available. This literally means that your chances of dying from covid at the time of the first shots for the under 50 group were 0.006% and from taking the shot 2x0.02%. This is about 7 times more than the disease you're trying to prevent. Even in the 50-70 group at best it was an even trade. And in the 70+ group the stuff hadn't even been tested yet and proved to be the _least_ effective.

I am happy that we have modern medicine when something is actually wrong with someone. That being said, these shots should NEVER have been allowed to go beyond initial trials, they "represent one of the greatest societal disasters in the last 2 centuries" and anyone claiming to have an unbiased perspective on them that is also still claiming that they were effective should not be trusted. They should be heard and their blind ignorance of basic facts should be respectfully ignored so the rest of the world can try to heal from this colossal crime...

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Even though I might not agree on some of the details about the mRNA products, the overall thrust of this article is about censorship and is absolutely right on target. It's the one thing that bothered me the most about the whole Covid situation, and turned me from a true pandemic believer into a cynical skeptic.

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Here in BC Canada some group just wrote a letter to our public schools demanding mask mandates return BECAUSE the idea of immune debt is “not real”!!!

Don’t believe your lying eyes!

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Thank you so much for sharing your articles! They deserve a much wider audience!

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I appreciate you, Vinay. Thanks for bravely sharing your thoughts on this. But calling supplements "obvious nonsense" is irresponsible. That's like calling all drugs "obvious nonsense." You're doing exactly what you critique in this article - applying an overly simplistic framework to a complex system. Some supplements are useless and non-evidence based and some are highly effective and evidence-based. This efficacy changes depending on a variety of factors. In my case, and I know this is anecdotal, supplements have turned my health around - whether reversing Hashimoto's, PCOS, or dental cavities. My doctors prescribed me these supplements based on hard evidence - both published and from their own practice. Please reconsider what you wrote.

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Thank you for you research into this subject, your insight, but mostly your courage to speak out when so many medical professionals have chosen to remain silent.

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Thank you Vinay. Keep fighting the good fight. You and your colleagues are saving many lives for those willing to listen. What a crime to force young people to play Russian roulette with their heart. Uggggg.

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Thank you for your voice of consistent rationality. As a non-doctor, but a daily practitioner of statistics, I knew from February 2020 that the Wuhan Hysteria was unwarranted.

In all my public discussions, I have never pretended to argue anything about the biology or medical details involved. I have merely called for complete freedom of speech and warned people that - no matter the underlying etiology - the statistics never called for panic.

My entire goal with my side passion project Messy Times podcast is to demand accountability for the ecosystem of petty tyrants and their enablers, so that we as a society never succumb to their absurd totalitarian controls again.

I am still enraged by the permanent damage the selfish Boomers have done to children in their paranoid quest to maybe live a little longer. Their shutdowns and school closures and mask kabuki will forever be a dark moral stain on their generation.


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“Mask Kabuki”. Love this.

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