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Fauci Leaves a Broken Agency for his Successor

Adam Cifu: My Favorite Article on Sensible Medicine in 2022

You should go to the doctor

A Career in Medicine (so far) in Sixteen Graphs

The Tragedy of COVID19

A Major Win for Open Science

Boston University School of Public Health Stops Using Twitter

A Public Health Worker Looks Back at the Pandemic and How We Reacted to it

The Great Debate about Lactate Screening

How Myocarditis Influences Vaccine Mandate Decisions

Friday Reflection 11: Physician Acculturation: Knowledge, Responsibility, Experience and Humor

Accelerated Approval Pathway: What Gives?

Reflections of an ID physician: When Cancer Comes Home

Are We Powerless in the Fight Against Obesity?

Medical vs N95 Masks in Healthcare Workers

How Do Cancer Doctors Frame Information?

New Paper compares Long COVID to Long Regular URI

Diagnostic Reasoning and the Accuracy of Findings in the History and Physical Examination

STAT, Churnalism and A Zen Parable

How Not To Look at Data

Another thing I am thankful for

Friday Reflection 10: The Worst Family Meeting

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Judging Medical Science

Why oncology?

Know Thy Patient

Paxlovid, Long COVID, Preprints and Churnalism

The Misinformation Police Strike Out

Let's Talk Peer Review

NEJM’s Disappointing Decision to Publish the Boston School Mask Study

Friday Reflection 9: It Is Hard to Die Well

A regulation driving healthcare costs & harming patients

Affective Neutrality and Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship

Experts vs Practicing Doctors

Pfizer Press Released Bivalent Booster Results

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There’s No Such Thing as a Free Med

How Sure Should We Be About Healthcare Interventions?

An Open Letter to Wellesley's President

EMA advises vaccinating young kids WITH UNDERLYING ILLNESS

Friday Reflection 8: Physician Mourning

American Medical Lysenkoism

Haircare Churnalism on NPR

Everyone Wants Me to Have Prediabetes

The CDC director just got COVID. She got the new bivalent booster a month ago.

Failing our kids: Myocarditis in young boys

Still no data on Pfizer bivalent booster efficacy

Study-of-the-Week: One Last Comment on the "Great Colonoscopy Debate"

A Level-Headed Look at The Florida Vaccine Study

Using Instrumental Variable (IV) methods to estimate the effect size in Colonoscopy Screening Trial (NordICC)

Friday Reflection 7: Eavesdropping in Medical Education

Great Colonoscopy Debate - A Listener Responds

Many Pediatricians are Great; The American Academy of Pediatrics Isn't and Must be Dissolved

Words, Truth, and Joy in Scientific Research

Screening Colonoscopy Misses the Mark in its First Real Test

Medical Education Reform Part 2

A Letter to Health Journalism Students

Towards ‘Yom Kippur’ - An Israeli physician-scientist on the response of society to the Sars-cov-2 pandemic

Study-of-the-Week: A Critical Appraisal of Renal Denervation for High Blood Pressure

Reflections of an Infectious Disease Physician: Where COVID-19 and my Personal World Collide

Friday Reflection 6: Abrogating our Responsibility to Use Placebos

You Have No Mandate: A Preemptive Argument Against Mandating Bivalent Boosters

Reflecting on Mask Mandates in Healthcare

Activities and Outlook Churnalism Part 2

Study of the Week -Professor Sanjay Kaul Reviews The POST-PCI Trial

Double standards: The Atlantic Tells the Story of a Doctor Whose Cancer Got Worse After Vaccination, but No Legacy Media Outlet Will Cover the Aftermath of a Boy Who Had Myocarditis

Hormone therapy in post-menopausal woman: John Mandrola steps on a bee-hive

Doctors' Observations about COVID-19 Used to Be Embraced

The Top 20 MVPs

Reforming Medical Education

Study of the Week - Lessons from a Serious Medical Mistake

Friday Reflection 5: Well, That Could Have Gone Better

Activities and Outlook Churnalism Part 1

Why We Question the Safety Profile of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

It's past time to throw away routine, forced masking in health care facilities

Study of the Week – The Matter of Confidence

Exercise Churnalism Part 2

Critical Appraisal of the DANCAVAS study of Cardiac Screening

Legitimizing irrational anxiety is bad medicine

Friday Reflection 4: Days of Leaves, Trees and Forests

Financial illiteracy is a problem for both medical students and the country as a whole

From Safe and Effective to “Uncomfortably Scant.”

Exercise Churnalism Part 1

Study of the Week -- Mind the Health Gap

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is broken, failed organization

Chemical Imbalance – Dangerous myth or harmless white lie?

Before We Push the New Omicron Vaccine, Let’s See The Data

Study of the Week -- Rebuttal of Last Week's Column

Friday Reflection 3: The Days of the Giants

Accountable Care Organizations and the Potential Upcoming Crisis in Primary Care

What I am doing about COVID-19 right now and why?

Nutrition Churnalism Part 2

Study of the Week: Choices, oh my, the choices

It’s Time to Do Something about America’s Failure to Recognize Children's Rights

Sacrificing children’s health in the name of Health

Duke University Announces Their Fall 22 Restriction Line-Up

Nutrition Churnalism

Study of the Week - Endpoints

Friday Reflection 2: The Pain You Know

The Most Important Lesson of President Biden’s Paxlovid Treatment

Churnalism 2


John Ioannidis: The Pandemic as of 7/28/2022

A Pro-Con Debate: Should doctors encourage healthy kids 11 and under be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Children, Evidence-based Medicine and the Windmills

Why I'm Writing For Sensible Medicine

Fear and Control

How Can We Know Who To Trust In Medicine?

Friday Reflection 1: My First Patient

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